In 1980, WD8MKG and his intrepid cohorts, N8DWZ (his long-suffering wife) and K8COP (another obsessed Ham), took a bunch of broken parts and burned up junk and turned it into an amateur radio repeater. In 2006, things took an exciting new direction - it's a bit more complicated than in the "old" days, but the spirit remained the same. In 2014 we attempted to upgrade once again with less than our preferred success...

Finally, moving ahead to 2015, WD8MKG took one week and built a true amateur radio repeater system (not a commercial, pre-made box, but bits and pieces and a lot of solder).

This has been our most successful venture to date, a working repeater which local Hams enjoy.


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Special thanks to Roy N8AGW for his micro-soldering abilities and assistance in combining equipment for the amateur repeater.


For those among you with insatiable curiosity as to the inner workings of a ham in his/her natural environment, here are some lovely pictures of the WD8MKG ham shack and the antenna array which helps it reach out to the world.

Lucy running the show         

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Look! Up in the sky!      tower trolley     tower trooley too     A fly in the wires (aka copter-drone)

The tower trolley concept was developed at 2:00 AM with the help of the intrepid (insomniac?) Hams that gather on the 147.320 repeater.

In the midst of all this confusion, we really do communicate with the world.







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